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6.Method of Payment
Credit/ Debit Card Payments will be processed on Despatch of goods Data2020 Ltd Ltd may take Payment for overdue invoices on the credit card which has been authorised by the Customer to us for the purchase of goods.
BACS / TT – Mandatory for orders over £3,000.00 Overdue account balances relating to credit accounts will be off set against supplier balances.

I/ We confirm that we have read, understood and will comply with Data2020 Ltd conditions of sale which are attached.

I/ We understand and comply with the terms of payment as listed on this Application form under Method of Payment.

Re: Credit Account. I/ We understand and comply with the terms of payment on proforma or 30 days from Invoice date as per Data2020 Ltd Terms and Conditions.

I/ We confirm that the above information is correct to the best of my/ our knowledge and belief

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